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The first step in repairing a home window is to wipe out the old broken plate completely like clay. This is made simpler by using linseed oil applied to the clay and left to represent exactly thirty minutes. Heating the clay will also aid the removal process. When the clay is elastic, the glass hearths are about to be evacuated. Anyway, to get it out, the glass must be completely broken. When removing the glass and cleaning the housing of all old clay residue, old wood should also be cleaned with sparkling linseed oil. This prevents the wood from getting the oil that is in the glazing compound.

Applying the glazing compound to the window sash where the new sheet will be placed is the next step in home window repair. When the lens is set, the lens focus should be adjusted using a mud slide or glass device every four inches to hold the lens in place. The tips should be fused straight and firmly into the wood, opposite the glass. To close the sheet, all enamels must be applied. Make sure that half of the glass is designed on the glass while the other half should be in the case.

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